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Your questions answered!

Below are some common questions
we often get asked at Pure Gelato.

Is there really a difference between gelato and ice cream?

Yes, there definitely is a difference between the two! And it lies in the fat content. Ice cream has a high fat content, whereas gelato is usually approximately 95% fat free. Also, gelato flavors are more intense than ice cream. Gelato comes in two types -milk based and fruit based (or sorbet).

And what is the difference between sherbet, sorbet and gelato?

Sherbet is a frozen mixture of sweetened fruit juice and water. It can also contain milk, egg whites or gelatin. Sorbet is the French word for sherbet. Sorbet differs from sherbet in that it never contains milk and has a softer consistency than sherbet. Gelato is the Italian word for ice cream. It doesn’t contain as much air as most ice cream and therefore it has a denser texture.

Does Pure Gelato contain milk?

Some of our flavors are milk-based (ie: Chocolate, Coffee, and Hazelnut etc), and are created using fresh milk and cream. They contain approx. 5% milk fat.

What goes into the Fruit Flavors?

All of the pure fruit flavors (ie: Lemon, Mango, Strawberry, Passionfruit etc.) are created using fruit pulp, sugar and water. These products contain no artificial flavors, and no artificial colors. The flavors and colors are derived from natural fruit pulp only. These flavors do not contain any dairy products and are also fat free.

Does any Pure Gelato product contain artificial flavors, colorings or preservatives?

No, definitely not. There is no place for any artificial ingredient in any of our products.

May I use recipes and serving suggestions from Pure Gelato?

We have no problem with anyone using our recipes and serving suggestions for their personal enjoyment. Go ahead, and send in your suggestions to us too!

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