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FAQ's for Resellers

Here are some common questions asked by resellers of Pure Gelato.

We hope these frequently asked questions and answers provide the basis of your enquiry. For further information please call us on 02 6299 7995.


What is the shelf life of gelato?

Gelato has a 12 month shelf life in perfect freezer conditions. Once the gelato has been opened and on display, we recommend the product be consumed within 3 months to retain the quality of the gelato.

What temperature should gelato be stored at?

Gelato should be stored at colder than -17o C, the product is best scooped and served at -17 oC.

What temperature should I set my freezer at?

You should set your freezer according to the scoop-ability of the gelato. A good starting indication should be -17 oC. Allow fair time for freezer to adjust the temperature of the product (overnight if possible) and make minor adjustments up or down until the gelato is easy to scoop but not too sloppy.

Why does the product melt by the time we bring the desert to the customers table?

If you are serving a desert in glassware or ceramic bowls you should pre-freeze the serving cup or glass item. A good idea is to keep glassware or serving bowls in the freezer. This will ensure the customer receives their desert the way it was intended.

The freezer is cold but the gelato is soft what can I do?

First things first! Check that the freezer if plugged in and on. Check that the motor is running. Check that temperature is set correctly at - 17 oC. All freezer units need to be periodically maintained. Check that the grill near the motor (condenser) is not clogged with dust. If it is, remove this dust with a small brush, always brushing in the same direction of the fins to avoid damage. If these tips do not help you, you should consult a refrigeration technician.

The gelato looks glossy and tired in my display cabinet. Why?

Like any product on display, the gelato will be dried out by the freezer unit. This often occurs during defrost time in the freezer unit. It is recommended that you turn your gelato every second day if not every day, moreso if the product is not being consumed often. Start by flattening the gelato in the tub, then with warm water and a clean chux or sponge wipe clean the sides of the tub, then you could even decorate with fresh fruit, chocolate etc.. Remember customers eat with their eyes. If the gelato display looks poor so will your gelato sales.

Does a Pure Gelato contain a specific ingredient that a customer has an allergy to?

Please refer to info relating to Ingredients and Nutritional Info.

What size scoop should I use?

We recommend you use a size 24 scoop. The scoops should be approximately 100g for a 1 scoop cone and 175g for a 2 scoop cone. This will then render 41 scops from the 5 litre tray to ensure good profitability.

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